FAMILY comes first and we all want to do the best for our loved ones.

From eating healthy to having fun while studying, these top ten brands have everything you need for family life this summer.


Scoot Scoot!


E-scooters are so popular right now and Electric Future has a model for everyone.

The AOVO Pro APP Enabled Scooter is their best seller and a great choice for adults who want to spice up their commute or have fun in their free time.

Equipped with the latest technology, it is the most powerful and powerful e-scooter available in the UK.

Kids and teens will love Fundot’s foldable electric scooter, which takes the kid’s electric scooter experience to the next level.

Fun and fast, this scooter will allow your child more adventures with fewer restrictions.

Every scooter comes with a 12 month warranty and free and fast delivery as standard, so you can hit the road sooner rather than later.

In addition, various flexible financing options are available with Klarna and Payl8r. These options range from monthly or later payment within 30 days or 12 months and are available for all products.

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School is canceled in the summer


The school summer vacation is just around the corner – what are you going to do for your little ones?

Tree Tops Clubs is a leading provider of Ofsted registered out-of-school clubs and operates breakfast, afternoon and holiday clubs across the UK.

During this summer vacation, they offer vacation clubs at over 30 schools and participate in the HAF program, which offers free vacation club spots for children who receive performance-related free school meals.

Your children can enjoy a variety of activities, make many new friends, and enjoy spending time socializing, devoting themselves to work, or enjoying time for themselves.

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Live the dream


If your baby or child is a problem sleeper, it can become very tiring and stressful. Especially if they won’t let you down, have tantrums before bed, and wake up several times during the night

Imagine a device that takes 60 seconds to set up, has an exceptional success rate, and has already helped well over 130,000 families get the sleep they need.

Well this device exists! It’s called Glow Dreaming and it’s life changing every night.

It uses red LED, pink noise, and medical grade essential oils along with Cool Mist technology to lull your child into a natural, peaceful sleep.

They worked with the world’s leading specialists to create this sleep aid scientifically engineered for better sleep, 100 percent safe, and delivering the sleep we all need.

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Survive a Mars invasion of London this summer


Now we’re back on the road, it’s time for live entertainment!

Jeff Wayne’s iconic musical version of The War of the Worlds: The Immersive Experience is a totally unique, multi-award winning event where live actors, virtual reality and sensational 5D effects come together to put you right in the action.

Travel through 24 interactive scenes on a 120-minute adventure that takes you back to 1898 England to see how you survived an invasion of Mars.

When you’re done, celebrate survival at The Spirit of Man’s steampunk-style bar and restaurant.

The experience is rated 5/5 and is currently ranked 10th London nightlife on Tripadvisor – so you can have a proven good time. In addition, it has all government-approved security measures and has been awarded a “Good To Go” status by VisitBritain, so you will feel safe and secure.

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Embrace your wild side


For a day to remember, this award-winning Kent wildlife park is a must.

Port Lympne is home to 900 animals and is dedicated to the conservation of endangered species and their return to wild, protected areas.

It offers the UK’s most authentic safari experience, with the chance for visitors to travel by truck and see giraffes, black rhinos, wildebeests, zebras and many more.

It’s also home to Kent’s only spectacled bears, western lowland gorillas, big cats, primates, and more. You can also book very special, up-close animal encounters.

After a day of exploring the park, you can enjoy a variety of dining options, from afternoon tea on the mansion terrace to a relaxing drink in the Moroccan Courtyard to the Mediterranean ambience of the Garden Room restaurant and bar.

A visit to the park goes a long way towards protecting UK wildlife and helping the park’s partner charity, the Aspinall Foundation, return animals to the wild.

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Football is coming home to your garden this summer!


If your family loves the European Championship this year, then turn your garden into a training ground for your future little stars from England.

Mark Harrod Ltd is the leading supplier and manufacturer of sporting goods for world class clubs and stadiums alike – they make the same quality and standard for all products – including professional football goal packages for your garden!

Invest in your garden training kit this summer and encourage the next Harry Kane to improve his soccer skills. From only 199 € you get 8×4 goals for your garden and the packages include training cones and a Diamond Pro Trainer soccer ball.

Besides, it’s not just football. The range also includes products for netball, badminton, hockey, rugby, cricket and more. They know quality is assured as they have supplied products for Welsh Rugby Union, Chelsea FC and London 2012.

Click here to learn more about their garden goals and exercise tools.

Achieve positive results


Living with ADHD, autism, and dyslexia can make life very difficult without the right understanding and support.

A pioneering community interest company dedicated to helping neurodiverse children and adults opens a national center in Wellingborough, Northants.

NeuroDiversity Networks CIC offers a range of services and support and was developed by former special education teacher Jannine Perryman in collaboration with her fellow teacher Amanda Porter.

Jannine, who is also the founder of ADHD Wise UK, said, “Having a specialized teaching background, we have been able to assemble a team of expert advisors, coaches and counselors who are all committed to producing positive outcomes for young people and adults with neurodiverse diseases as well as advice and support for parents and carers.

“To date, we have been incredibly successful in delivering online coaching and courses for ADHD adults and autistic adults. We have also achieved fantastic results with the courses that we have put together for young people with ADHD, as well as with the qualification programs for parents and carers.

We are happy to have youth activities, drop-ins and training in our new hub. We create an integrative environment in which strengths and talents are celebrated and people feel understood and supported. “

For more information on ADHD WISE UK, click here or send an email or call 01933 222940.

Protect the whole family with blue light lenses


We live in a world surrounded by screens. Whether it’s a laptop, phone or tablet, you are never far from one.

In fact, we spend an average of a whopping 9 hours a day in front of digital screens, and it’s not just us adults.

Our children are growing up in the middle of the digital age and spending more time staring at screens than ever – especially in the past 18 months.

These screens emit blue light that has been shown to decrease the quality of sleep, which can be detrimental to your health.

You can help protect yourself and your family by bringing BluLens ™ blue light goggles with you.

These high quality prescription glasses block up to 70 percent of blue light so you can continue to use your devices with confidence.

You can also choose from a range of fashionable frames for men, women and children and all orders are shipped the next day.

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Upgrade your heating system for free!


Are you paying too much to heat your home?

With the energy company obligation (ECO), you can be supported by an energy supplier in modernizing your heating system or in insulating your house.

This could mean that a new heating system could be installed in your home on a fully funded basis. You can also insulate your home to retain heat and save money on your bills in the long run.

The ECO program aims to reduce energy consumption in the UK, helping the environment while helping households cut energy bills.

With various qualification paths, not only those entitled to benefits start the path to a more comfortable home and savings, and we accompany you along the way. Follow these three simple steps to check if you’re eligible: click the link below, then fill out the quick and easy online form. If you are eligible, you can get a FREE heating / insulation upgrade.

Click here to find out if you are eligible.

Trust the tractor

We all want to make sure we are providing our families with the best possible food, so it’s important that we know what to trust when shopping.

All products with the red tractor logo are traceable, safe and carefully bred.

The Union Jack on the logo means that the food is entirely made in the UK and every step of the journey from farms to packaging can be checked and documented.

The Red Tractor logo covers many sectors and standards to ensure your food is safe, from responsible use of antibiotics and pesticides to water safety, and they guarantee only high quality UK food at its seasonal best.

They have also been working with animal welfare experts and veterinarians since 2000 to strengthen animal welfare requirements. They ensure that all animals are healthy, with the right habitat, food and water.

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