The classic burger patty was the first breakaway product to really disrupt the omnivorous status quo. In 2018, the Beyond Burger outperformed beef-based patties in some supermarkets, and the Impossible Whopper’s debut rocketed Burger King sales as the financially declining chain posted its best quarter in four years. While vegan beef took to the limelight in the late 2010s, vegan chicken is the star of the twenties. Between the explosion of store-bought chicken nuggets to the complete vegan overhaul of Morningstar Farms, vegan chicken is here to stay. Here you will find all the juicy, tender, golden, crispy vegan chicken products that you can find in store and online.

The healthy addiction


This long-time vegetarian brand offers a mix of now vegan chicken options, including kid-friendly dino nuggets (currently only available in the UK). In the US, Quorn stocks crispy meatless spicy patties, snackable buffalo dippers, breaded chipotle chops, and grilled meatless fillets and meatless pieces. Note: The meatless nuggets are not vegan – they contain egg and milk ingredients.


Morningstar Farms / Incogmeato

Jumping on to the vegan market trend, this decade-old vegetarian meat company has launched a new plant-based meat line to compete on the freezer aisle. Incogmeato chicken choices range from traditional chicken nuggets to fun Mickey Mouse-shaped nuggets. The Incogmeato brand also includes Original and Sweet BBQ Chick’n Tenders. Parent brand Morningstar also offers a wide variety of frozen, vegan-friendly chicken options from patties to nuggets.

Madison eats vegan


In the early to mid-2010s, Gardein swept vegetable festivals and left vegans and omnivores alike amazed at “how real” its meat-free products tasted. While Gardein may be overshadowed by some of the newer food tech startups, it has remained solid in its widely accessible and wide range of vegan chicken options. Gardein not only produces the standard vegan nuggets, patties and grillable fillets, but also sells frozen vegan chick’n sliders, chick’n scallopini and chick’n wings in a variety of flavors from barbecue to gochujang. If you’re craving a certain type of chicken preparation, Gardein probably has a vegan version of it.

Madonna 816


These golden meaty snacks are made by the food tech startup STIMULATE and are said to be the “Tesla of Chicken Nuggets”. They’re made with a blend of soy and wheat proteins to mimic both taste and texture. The company positions these nuggets as close to real chicken as possible – minus the cruelty and dangerous environmental impact. Consumers can find NUGGS at some of the largest retailers in the country, including Walmart, Target, and Sam’s Club.

Conscious Chris

Alpha foods

Alpha covers all of the vegan chicken basics – nuggets, chick’n burgers, and grilled strips. His fourth chicken offer is unique: Chick’n Pot Pie. Resembling a hot pocket, these portable microwaveable meals come in a variety of flavors that showcase Alpha Foods’ meatless chicken: Buffalo, Veggie, and Pesto. Alpha vegan chicken products are available in a variety of stores including Costco, Sprouts, Kroger Stores, and Albertsons.


Whole foods 365

This better for you grocer is continually adding to their plant-based product line. The vegetable-based frozen chicken-style nuggets and the plant-based chicken-style pies complement the range of vegan ice cream, cheese and other meats that now make up the 365 line.

The baking fairy


Originally known for its vegetarian burgers, Boca has now expanded to include vegan chicken. The selection ranges from soy-based nuggets to original and spicy vegan chicken burger patties.

Dr. Praegers

Dr. Praegers

Not all Dr. Praeger are vegan, but the Pure Plant Protein line with vegan chicken sliders and tenders is a safe bet. All products are gluten and soy free and are made with Non-GMO Project Verified ingredients.

Atlas Monroe

Atlas Monroe

You won’t find this vegan fried chicken in stores, but if you’re quick you can order it online. Founder Deborah Torres won Shark Tank for her company after appearing on the ABC reality show. While the Sharks destroyed their samples and made a $ 1 million offer, Torres turned them down in order to retain ownership of their stores. She is currently shipping her vegan fried chicken nationwide on a limited scale. Follow her on Instagram @ atlas.monroe for updates on the next replenishment date.

Rachely Hernandez


The founder of the iconic vegan Thanksgiving roast has massively expanded his product line to include burgers, deli slices, crusts and pieces. The Plant-Based Chick’n line includes grilled and seasoned vegan chicken pieces that you can find in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. Flavors include lightly spiced, Thai basil, sesame garlic, and barbecue.


Sweet earth

Prepare for a double take when you reach for the Mindful Chick’n Strips from Sweet Earth. While it may look like pieces of chicken, these soy-based pieces are completely cruelty-free. Use them in stir-fries, salads, curries, grain bowls, and burritos for a delicious protein boost for your meal.

The vegan taste tester

Trader Joes

This Tiki-themed grocer tends to stick to the philosophy, “Why let others do it for you when you could do it yourself?” In addition to its branded range of vegan burgers, mac and cheese, chorizo ​​and ice cream, TJ’s has created its own plant-based chicken. The Chickenless line ranges from hearty spices to tangerine snacks and crispy tenders. Stock up.

Field roast

Field roast

The early morning wings no longer exist – at least not in name. This vegan meat and cheese company renamed its flavorful, wingless, frozen chicken starter and decided to drop the quirky name for something simpler: Buffalo Wings. While we miss saying “fruffalo”, we don’t miss the taste that captivated us from day one. Better a nugget than a wing? Field Roast offers that too.

No nasty foods

No nasty foods

This meat company, located since then, wants to feed the revolution. Its versatile vegan chicken option, Comrade Cluck, comes in chunks that can be used to add texture and flavor to stir-fries, pastas, stews, casseroles, and more.

Daring dishes


New to the vegan chicken market, Daring has developed a frozen product that is both high in protein and low in calories – we’re talking 90 calories per serving and 14 grams of protein for the original variety. The other three options are Lemon & Herb, Cajun, and Paned. Consumers can find the variety packs at Sprouts or opt for a 24-ounce bag from Costco.

Light life

Light life

For a vegan soy-based chicken that you can season and stuff into burritos, check out Lightlife’s Smart Tenders. One serving contains 18 grams of protein and no saturated fat. They’re pretty plain on their own, but they work wonders when coated in vegan alfredo sauce or a layer of taco seasoning. Fajita Friday, anyone?

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