CBD oil

Everyone will be in pain at some point in their life. Younger people usually develop temporary pain caused by pain, strain, and injury. The elderly tend to deal with chronic pain from arthritis and other long-term bone and degenerative joint diseases.

Chronic pain is persistent pain that doesn’t go away for long. If it ever goes away, it usually comes back after a little exercise or stress. All you can do is use treatments to relieve the pain. But which treatments are effective?

When discussing your chronic pain with your family doctor, they will likely try to prescribe opioids for you. Be very careful with opioids as they are addicting and have ruined the lives of countless people. Wouldn’t you rather try a natural alternative treatment that is non-addictive yet highly effective?

If you’re ok with this, then consider consuming CBD oil to help relieve your chronic pain. The concept of CBD oil for pain is not new. For over a decade, millions of people have turned to CBD for chronic pain relief. Not only is it a better treatment solution than prescription pain relievers, but it’s also a better solution than traditional high-THC marijuana.

CBD oil does not cause psychoactive effects and has no addictive properties. It’s a hemp formulation with anti-inflammatory chemical properties to help reduce pain and stress at the same time.

The best CBD oil for pain

What’s the Best CBD Oil? There are so many CBD products out there. If you browse a typical CBD store, you will find CBD themes, gums, tinctures, and vape cartridges. Every consumer has their own preference for their CBD consumption method.

However, the CBD oil brand should be your most important consideration as each has something unique to offer. Learning the top three brands of CBD oil is the best way to find the best CBD oil for pain. Let’s examine these brands below.

Royal CBD
Royal CBD has built a reputation for selling high quality full spectrum CBD oil for pain relief. In fact, they have lines of products that are specifically geared towards relieving pain and inflammation. You can choose between 250 and 2,500 mg of CBD dosages.

Which dosage suits you? Well it depends on the severity of your pain. If you have chronic pain from arthritis, long-term back pain, or fibromyalgia, you should choose a CBD dosage closer to 2,500 mg. However, if you only have a small cut or a slight burn, a dosage of 200 or 500 mg is more suitable.

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Golden bee
Gold Bee is a CBD oil brand that has won multiple awards for the quality of its products. Many of its CBD oil products offer safe and effective treatment solutions for people with mild to severe pain. You can buy a 1 ounce bottle of 300 to 1,200 mg of CBD. Again, choose the correct dosage to suit your particular amount of pain.

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Area 52
Area 52 uses 100% organic ingredients in its CBD oil formulations. You won’t find a more natural source of CBD oil than Area 52. All products have been laboratory tested and verified to be natural and organic. They even offer free shipping on orders over $ 110.

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How CBD Fights Pain

Medical researchers have not officially declared CBD to be a more effective pain reliever alternative to opioids. However, if you ask someone who has consumed CBD to relieve their chronic pain, they can vouch for its effectiveness.

CBD works so well because it targets the endocannabinoid system in the body. There is evidence that CBD alters cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system. The result is less pain, stress, and anxiety.

CBD oil works well for all types of chronic pain such as cancer pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and neuropathic pain. The best CBD companies offer pain relief products. This is the main reason people buy CBD oil in the first place.

CBD oil consumption methods

You are probably wondering how to consume CBD oil for chronic pain relief. The three main consumption methods are as follows:

Oil falls under the tongue
Edible food
Subjects for the skin

The fastest of the three is the oil that falls under the tongue. Virtually every CBD store sells CBD oil tinctures with droppers attached to the lids. You just take the dropper and drop a few droplets of oil under your tongue in your mouth. The label on the tincture will give you specific instructions on how many droplets are suitable.

CBD foods are available in chewable gums, cookies, brownies, and other tasty foods. Some people claim that CBD foods offer longer lasting pain relief when compared to oil tinctures. Everyone is different, but you’re welcome to experiment with each to see which is most effective for you.

CBD topics can be helpful when you want to target a specific area of ​​your body that is particularly painful. Perhaps you have pulled a muscle or you are in severe pain in one part of your body. In this case, you may notice faster pain relief if you apply a CBD lotion or cream directly to the area.

Dosage amount

The general rule of thumb is to consume 1 to 5 mg of CBD oil for every 10 pounds of body weight. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, you should be consuming between 20 and 100 mg of CBD oil. You will need to repeat this process every day until your pain is gone.

Please contact your family doctor for expert advice on the dosage amount. Your doctor understands your health better than anyone, so they can recommend the appropriate dosage amount to treat your particular symptom level.

Stop using it if you experience undesirable side effects such as nausea or headache. These side effects are extremely rare. Most people don’t feel good until after consuming CBD oil. As long as you don’t overdose, you should continue to feel great.