Tamebay Live for Brands like yours is a must-have program whether or not you are already selling on marketplaces. From May 17-21, we’ll look at how to protect your brand reputation, partner with retailers or pursue a D2C strategy, and how Google can be a friend (while shopping) or a challenge (with the death of the cookie). “How to get your products in front of buyers when they are ready to buy” will be the topic.

It is likely that your products are already being sold on marketplaces. Tamebay Live Masterclasses & Workshops offer you the know-how and knowledge to protect your brand, discover PIM tools, manage the customer experience and either manage your market partners or pursue a D2C strategy.

You have to register in order to participate in Tamebay Live for Brands. All content will be available after the week so you can revisit all of the registered companies as you wish.

Tamebay Live for brands

On the first day you will learn how to build brand equity without having the customer relationship with eDesk. Ordoro will then outline three strategies ecommerce businesses can use to scale their order fulfillment operations – in-house fulfillment, 3PL fulfillment, and dropshipping.

Tamebay Live Day 2 brings you the secrets to effectively advertising on Amazon and eBay from ChannelAdvisor. In an inevitable session, eBay will then discuss how the death of the cookie and an even greater focus on brands and sellers have reinvigorated eBay advertising solutions. From broader targeting solutions to access to more meaningful insights, to ad placements reserved exclusively for sellers, eBay is showing what’s next. The day ends with an interview with Tony Kyberd of ecommotors and Volo, who shares the latest research on the barriers to long-term e-commerce growth in an increasingly uncertain and turbulent time. We’re going to talk about ecommerce priorities, what we’ve seen, and what a success plan looks like.

Andrew Rowson from ecommotors and E-Motive will discuss on the third day what brand control really means, how it works in the most important marketplaces, what advantages it can bring and how it can be implemented for your company. ChannelAdvisor will have a session on how to align D2C and retail channels to help brands develop a diplomatic approach to D2C. In the afternoon, Patten will examine brand protection and other top reasons to include Amazon in your channel mix and how to define the role of marketplaces for your brand to maximize sales.

On Thursday, day four of Tamebay Live, Pattern will take a look at how Tmall Global’s profitability can be achieved and maintained using real world data and insights to produce results for the brands they work with. Then, Pattern will explore how brands can adopt and optimize their performance at Amazon and Noon in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia to convert the region’s affluent customer base. In the afternoon you will hear about Cdiscount and the opportunity for your brand in France.

Finally, on Friday, VTEX will set the final roadmap for delivering the next generation of e-commerce and will give you a deep understanding of the key points to consider when planning and launching your own online marketplace. How to get the most out of your launch; and how to position your marketplace for continued success. Google is eDesk’s guest speaker in the afternoon, where you’ll learn tips and tricks to get your products in front of ready-to-buy shoppers, whether they’re at home, on their phone, or at the store. The week ends with TrueCommerce taking a look at how a pandemic ecommerce exit strategy is evolving. While many turned their businesses around quickly when the pandemic broke out and increased their online presence through new or additional marketplace listings, many did so without a long-term strategy. What’s next?