Would Hilona and Julien Bert from Objectif Rest du Monde rip off their subscribers with their brand? A reality TV candidate accuses them and weighs up …

In addition to their various reality TV appearances, Julien Bert and Hilona have developed many projects and each own different brands that they promote on social networks! Julien Bert and Hilona, ​​who would be responsible for the departure of Mujdat from Objectif Rest du Monde after these serious revelations of the candidate, have a brand in common for hair products, while the young woman also launched her clothing brand … A brand that does there would be deceiving internet users about Yamina Niya’s revelations on Instagram. Writing Melty tells you more below!

Julien Bert and Hilona (Objectif rest du Monde), accused of cheating on their subscribers with their brand, an emblematic reality TV contestant balances it all

Julien Bert and Hilona are accused of cheating on their subscribers? – Credit (s): W9

According to the information from the emblematic candidate of The Villa of Broken Hearts on her Instagram account, Hilona would sell twice as much clothing from a brand that Yamina Niya knows … Like a colorful kimono that would go from 48 euros on the website to 128 euros for Sorella, Hilona’s clothing brand! Would the young woman do dropshipping? Be careful, these allegations are very serious and must be taken with reservations … Find out here whether Julien Bert, Hilona and Illan will be absent from the Marseillais against the rest of the world 6 after their great controversy.

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