Is Salehoo Legit (Sep 2020) Let Us Know The Details!

Is Salehoo legit (Sep 2020) Let Us Know The Facts! >> This article is about a website that offers dropshipping services and is trying to find out if it’s legitimate.

Salehoo reviews: Dropshipping has been introduced by more than 25 percent of retailers to fulfill their order, and it’s the most reliable. Most online sellers are well aware that setting up a dropshipping provider is the first and foremost hurdle to starting an online business.

So dropshipping is worth it! We offer an online dropship service available worldwide including the United States.

Here we have a website that has drop shipping services and we are going to address the tricky question Is Salehoo legit.


This is a New Zealand based online drop shipping service provider founded in 2005. Today it is the most famous drop shipping and wholesale directory in the world. That helped a lot in making it the first to offer retailers international wholesale contracts.

This service provider website is co-founded by Simon Slade, a former online seller who started Salehoo because of the frustration of not having found a wholesaler.

The company has many suppliers in the directories that are among the United States, Canada, China, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Let us know how authentic the website is and find out about it Is Salehoo legit.

Is Salehoo Legit?

It is remarkable to know that this is a product sourcing tool for all online users Seller, and they have no products available for purchase.

It offers a referral program that allows you to read many reviews about the website on the internet. We went through all of the available reviews and found that some were happy with the services offered and others felt that it was not legitimate at all.

However, users have shared their service and marked it as the best product sourcing tool available as it allows them to be their boss. When you want to add some extra income to finance your needs, nothing is easier than this.

Let’s move on to learn more about that Salehoo reviews.

How much did it cost?

There are two plans available on the website below that we mentioned below.

  • A full year plan from SaleHoo for $ 67 per year that needs to be renewed every year.
  • Another is the lifetime access plan, which is available for $ 127 and is one-time.

You must purchase membership to access the supplier directory, member forum, personal support, and market research labs.

Last thought

After I got the question Is Salehoo legitWe learn that this website offers the opportunity to establish business contacts with the suppliers and it is recommended to use SaleHoo.

Please mention your experience of using the website’s services in the comments section and clarify any doubts related to it Is Salehoo legit.