To this day, it is fair to say that only the big players in the watch industry could afford to revive a dormant Swiss watch brand.

Started with an exclusive champagne reception in a watch boutique in a prime location, accompanied by a multi-million dollar media campaign, this was undoubtedly the way to go.

However, with the shift in the online and e-commerce shopping world, that tradition could soon be a thing of the past, especially according to Swiss Watch Brands, which says this is the beginning of a new era for all watch enthusiasts.

SWB says that its launched watch brand comes in a package that not only includes a fully stocked webshop, but also a Swiss watch brand with a long tradition. The formerly renowned Swiss watch brands are offered with a documented history and full legal ownership.

The company explains: “Thanks to this turnkey solution, specific industry knowledge is no longer required to create a promising business entry into the primary watch market. Budding watch entrepreneurs benefit directly from the secondary watch market. Combined with private label or drop shipping, the brand packages from SWB make historical watch brands suitable and affordable for all watch lovers. “

SWB has a portfolio of Swiss watch brands and private labels with a history and what they call a turnkey solution that is now opening up many promising business opportunities for watch enthusiasts.

From the selection of the right watch design to the selection of an environmentally friendly watch box, other consulting services are also offered by SWB.

The scope and scope of the services are determined by the new owners of the brand, their ideas and visions.