Alibaba Agriculture announced on Jan. 9 that Dekopon mandarins will be available on Alibaba’s online and offline platforms such as Hema by the end of the month. Key to this development are the company’s newly developed five digital agricultural processing centers across China.

Alibaba’s processing centers introduce various smart devices
In Shandong, a sorting line for locally grown cherries will go into operation in the Alibaba Zibo Digital Agriculture Warehouse in April of this year. So far, the common sorting systems in China have only been able to evaluate the size and appearance of the fruit, but not the color. According to industry insiders, color is not only of great importance for appearance, but also an important indicator of maturity. The new sorting facility not only adds a color index, but also creates a more detailed index for inspection of the appearance to eliminate problems such as soft meat under the skin, cracked fruit and deformities.

In addition, the Alibaba Production Warehouse in Xi’an, the fruit distribution center for northwest China, is developing a new robot whose main task is to transport the packaged fruit to a location according to instructions and to neatly stack the boxes. As the Spring Festival approaches, orah tangerines from Yunnan and Guangxi are expected to hit large sales volumes by mid-January. For this purpose, Alibaba’s two production warehouses in Kunming and Nanning are equipped with three fully automated smart packaging lines that can pack at least 100,000 packs per day. From sorting to packing, 70% of the work can be done by robots.

In recent years, Alibaba has continued to invest in its agriculture division. This year, five digital agricultural collection and processing centers (production warehouses) were put into operation in Kunming, Nanning, Chengdu, Zibo and Xi’an, covering the core agricultural production areas in China. In addition, Cainiao has established logistics co-distribution centers in more than 670 counties across the country. Alibaba also plans to add more digital manufacturing warehouses over the next year while expanding the scope of direct purchasing from agricultural manufacturing centers.

Source: Toutiao, Fruit Critic